Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

15 Reasons Why Introverts Should Pre Order The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

In three months, namely May 19th, 2020, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will arrive on the bookshop shelves and into the hands of bookworms around the world.

Now, imagine a doorbell ringing, a smiley postman, a quick signature and a hop, skip and jump to the comfiest corner of your house.


The warmth, quietness, and peace surrounding you as you dive straight into the coveted novel you’ve waited in tinging anticipation for.

The Hunger Games prequel we’ve all been waiting for.

A decade after the Hunger Games saga was released, Suzanne Collins is extending the narrative to none other than the notorious President Snow.

Here are 15 reasons why you should consider pre-ordering this long-awaited novel.

1. Spoiler Alert!

We hate them. Cast a squinted-eye death-glare at anyone who reveals them. Blacklist social media updates to avoid them. Spoilers.

Is there anything worse than an anticipated storyline being stripped of its mystery and its bare bones of a plot being handed to you on a seemingly innocuous tweet you happened to scroll onto.

Try as we may, we’re never immune to a spoiler. There’s no vaccine, sensory deprivation tank we can travel around in, or memory wiping device we can use to escape them.

However, pre-ordering is a practical option for limiting, almost completely, the threat.

Better still, if you can hide away for a while, devour the book immediately from cover to cover and marvel in its novelty before emerging into the world again, you’ve won the game.

But don’t use this power for evil. Keep your spoilers to yourself.

2. To Me, From Past Me

By the time release day rolls around you’ll have all but forgotten this hype.

You’ll find yourself in mid-may, whether in the throes of exam season, packing for a summer holiday or in a rough no-motivation stay-inside patch of the year and thank yourself for this treat.

Think of Future You – there’s nothing better than laying in a sunny spot on your lawn, or if you’re lucky, on a sunnier poolside sunbed abroad, you sun-creamed nose deep in this (probably) amazing book.

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3. One of Two Options

Imagine a stuffed train, a winding traffic jam, and your frustration.

The aches in your excited-turned-exhausted feet as you queue behind a woman trying to return an item without a receipt.

Book in hand, release day and the dread of the long stuffed train, traffic-jammed journey home until you can enjoy its contents.

Now, imagine a doorbell ringing, a smiley postman, a quick signature and a hop, skip and jump to the comfiest corner of your house.

The warmth, quietness, and peace surrounding you as you dive straight into the coveted novel you’ve waited in tinging anticipation for.

Now choose.

4. Say Thanks to Suzanne

Sure, this multi-award-winning, best selling author probably won’t recognise your contribution to her book sale success as easily as a debut novelist would but…

If you’re a devoted fan of hers, one of the best ways of showing this is signing up for a pre-order, and I’ll tell you why.

Pre-ordering the book is a vote towards beautifully stocked bookstore shelves and a place on the best sellers list.

Not only that, but it also lets the publishers know the keep the book presses running so retailers don’t have to apologise for the ‘Release day’ turning swiftly into the ‘Back-ordered day’.

There’s nothing more embarrassing and disheartening for an author to see their fans wander empty-handed from the book shop after hearing “We’re out. Sorry!”


5. Get The Best Deal

If you’ve been in the pre-order game for a while you’ll know some of the best deals are offered prior to release.

In fact, if you’re really on the ball you’ll already have heard that Amazon offers a Pre-order Price Guarantee on selected releases.

(Including The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes!)

Meaning if you’re a savvy shopper and want to make sure you get the lowest price, take advantage of this offer.

From the moment you place your order to the moment the book ships you are promised to be charged the lowest price Amazon advertise it for.

6. The temptation is just too much

Ambition will fuel him.
Competition will drive him.
But power has its price.

Doesn’t this just make you buzz with anticipation? These next few months cannot come soon enough.

If you need something to whet your appetite even more, this Chapter 1 excerpt should do the trick.

What a tease!

7. Bonus Goodies

Yes, you heard right. Free stuff… possibly.

Okay okay, so anyone, introvert or not, will like this one.

A lot of the time authors have material they couldn’t quite squeeze into their novel but are itching to release to their audience.

The pre-order window is the perfect opportunity. If you’re lucky and purchase through a direct retailer, you can expect excerpts, bonus chapters and author interviews all for the big, big fee of nothing

8. No One Likes Being Put On The Spot,

As of yet, no book signing tour dates have been announced but there’s every hope that some of you will be able to meet your favourite author and pick her brains about Snow’s backstory…

Why did you tell his story?

CHAPTER 11 BLEW MY MIND! Why did you do that?!

It all makes sense now, did you know all of this before writing the original Hunger Games trio? 

…are some of the types of questions you might want to throw her way… IF, you had already read the book.

Buying the hardback copy on the day for a signature may seem like a convenient method, but you’d miss out on this engaged interaction between reader and author.

It would be a precious opportunity to hear the answers you need to know from Suzanne herself, without the whole anxiety-filled journey there spent thinking of a good question.

Never mind being able to express your appreciation and gratitude for the new book you’ve just gobbled up, perhaps five times over.

9. Everyone Loves a Bad Guy

There’s something strangely alluring about a villain.

After seeing Coriolanus Snow’s demise by the end of Mockingjay, there was a whole lot of unanswered questions about his character, his choices, his power-hungry savagery.

Self-awareness is a fundamental characteristic of introverts. Enter Snow’s world aged eighteen and discover for yourself what makes a young adult truly evil.

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10. Add Another Spine

There is certainly such a thing called an Introvert Interior. Muted colours, minimalist design, ordered possessions.

Few things are more satisfying than a curated bookshelf of gorgeous hard and paperback masterpieces you’ve been lucky enough to collect and cherish.

And that’s why we keep books, after all, to collect and cherish.

True, some are lucky enough to get picked back up and re-read but others are simply a reminder of a series that touched you in a way others couldn’t.

And when the cover art of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is this striking yet still understated… why wouldn’t you want to add it to the shelf?

11. You’ve Been Here Before

Can you remember the Hunger Games releases?

Each book burnt through so quickly your fingers were smoking from flipping page after page?

The three best selling novels probably amounting to a total time of a week of bedtimes reading sessions to get through.

If that was you, it’s a no brainer The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes should be an exception to the rule.

Diving into the dystopian world of the thirteen districts and the Capitol again that will hold a nostalgia certain to heighten every plot twist.

Why wait? Ten years was long enough.

12. Goodreads Challenges You

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to read more books? Pledge today to, one – treat yourself to a new book, and two – take a step towards your goal.

If you fly through books like nobody’s business you’ll have surely heard of Goodreads.

The platform is the nerdiest of social media, in all the best ways. It’s a virtual bookshelf of the books you’ve read, are currently reading and want to read in the future

Plus, the most motivating tracker, your 2020 reading Challenge.

Whether it’s one book a week, one a month or one a season; It’s your choice! And ticking off The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is another few hundred pages towards success.

Polish off this book in one sitting or twenty, you can update your progress by page number, or percentage if you’re an avid audiobook fan.

13. So You Don’t Forget

Can you remember the release date?

Alright, it’s less convincing than other arguments but one of the real advantages to pre-ordering is to save the faff of constant calendar checking.

If you’re serious about securing this book ASAP, then don’t chance it with your memory.

You can, with absolute certainty, place your order, leave the rest to the publishers and receive your copy dead on time.

14. Ultimate Avoidance

At the risk of sounding cliche, there’s almost nothing worse than the hustle and bustle of shops to an introvert.

You want to fast forward to the good stuff. The sitting with yourself, in your head, none of these annoying external stimuli, ready to dive into this book.

Evade all of this with some planning, preparation and a few easy clicks of the mouse.

15. Here’s Your Exclusive

Booksellers often ship pre-orders before the initial release date to ensure all books make it to the customers on time.

One technicality that may work in your favour, is that sometimes your mail arrives quicker than expected.

You could find yourself on the day before release, or even the day before that, with the book in hand and the exclusivity that you’re one of the first to read it, neat huh?

Wait and queue with the crowds or place your order now, whichever you choose we’ll soon all be absorbed in the new Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, in a few short months. Now, there’s a happy ending that Snow never got.