Introverts True Crime

15 Reasons Why Introverts Love True Crime Documentaries

What do you do for fun?

Go to the cinema? Hang out with friends? Or do you prefer to stay in?

If you’re an introvert who wears your compassion on your sleeve, a good true-crime documentary is the perfect lazy afternoon for you!

If you are the introverted type whose perfect Sunday consists of spending hours on the couch watching Netflix and ignoring your phone, then we are going to hazard a guess – you are a true crime addict.

But why? Why do we as introverts love true crime?

Well, here are 15 potential reasons…

1. Thinkers

Introverts True Crime

We want to understand because we are afraid.

If you are an introvert with the thinking trait (an individual who makes decisions based on logic and reason), then true crime documentaries are the thing for you!

The introverted thinkers among us will attempt to make sense of the senseless murderous/illegal actions by analysing the empirical evidence in order to determine guilt or innocence.

2. Feelers

Or, are you an introvert with the feeling trait (an individual who makes decisions based on feelings and values)? If so, then odds are true crime is already your addiction!

Although these traits are polar opposites (making decisions based on thinking and feeling) – that does not mean one trait is more susceptible to loving true crime.

Feelers will use their emotional processes to determine the guilt/innocence of the subject and make sense of a senseless and unthinkable crime.

3. Sensors

Introverts True Crime

Those who possess the sensing trait, which is an individual who focuses on facts and details as opposed to ideas and concepts, are prone to love true crime documentaries!

Whilst watching a true-crime documentary the sensor will look in-depth at every piece of evidence (however inconsequential) in order to assess the outcome of the trial, the identity of the perpetrator, and so on.

4. Intuitive

Just like the opposing traits of thinking and feeling, the intuitive trait (which is the opposite of the sensing trait) is also prone to becoming true crime obsessed!

The intuitive individual focuses on ideas and concepts (rather than facts and details like their sensing counterparts) – is likely fascinated with the concept of the crime itself.

5. Bingeable and Isolated

Introverts True Crime

I’m sure we’ve all said, “just one more episode…”

Fast forward to the end of the 4th season.

True crime documentaries are the personification of watchable TV, which makes them the perfect choice for introverts!

Watching a show for hours on end…. On our own… With no socialising involved? Sign us up!

Bonus Netflix Documentary Suggestion – The Devil Next Door.

Do you love true crime?

Are you a history buff?

Then we’ve for the perfect documentary for you!

The Devil Next Door tells the tale of John Demjanjuk who was accused of being anotorious executioner Ivan the Terrible at Treblinka Concentration Camp during WWII.

Heartbreakingly fascinating, The Devil Next Door is definitely one for the watch list!

6. Psychological

It’s not necessarily sadistic, but if bad faith had to fall on someone, at least it fell on someone else […]. There’s a sense of relief in finding out that it happened to someone else rather than you.

Experts say we watch crime documentaries feeling thankful we are not the victim NOR are we the perpetrator of a horrific crime – giving us psychological comfort.

7. Compassion

Introverts True Crime

Introverts by nature hold a wide capacity for compassion – which goes hand in hand with true crime (whether that compassion be toward the wrongfully accused or the victim).

So, if you’re an introvert who wears your compassion on your sleeve, a good true-crime documentary is the perfect lazy afternoon for you!

8. Escapism

Why do people watch true crime shows?

Why do people watch television/movies in general?

Well, simply put, it is to escape the mundane reality of everyday life. And what could be a more of an escape than true crime?

Putting oneself in the shoes of a killer/victim couldn’t be further away from every day – so, if you feel like escaping from the repetitive cycle of life, stick on a true-crime documentary.

9. Fascination with Motive

Introverts True Crime

I think it’s natural to have an interest in things that are so horrific […].

Terrible murders should be so far out of the remit of anything that you would do, that you should have a natural interest in them to think ‘why would somebody do that? I wouldn’t do that. What has driven this person to do it?

Why do people kill? This question has haunted society for centuries. However, this question may confuse introverts more than extroverts…

Extroverts put themselves in a range of different social settings and situations, making them more understanding of others’ reactions and motives.

Introverts, on the other hand, are less likely to have these social understandings – meaning the most extreme human reactions (like murder) can be completely incomprehensible.

10. Puzzle Solving

Particularly with unsolved cases, people do like to be armchair detectives, they like to sit there and go, ‘I think this person did it’, or ‘this person didn’t do it because of these reasons’.

Determining the outcome of a true-crime docuseries is an essential exercise for the introverts among his – are they guilty? Will they be set free? Who is the true culprit?

Introversion and puzzle-solving go hand and hand… And true crime is an amalgamation of the two!

Bonus Netflix Documentary Suggestion – Fyre.

Not every true-crime documentary involves murder… Case in point, the 2019 Netflix original Fyre.

Fyre outlines the Fyre Festival scam of 2017 and the fraud committed by the festival’s organizer, Billy McFarland.

Fyre perfectly captures this infamous moment of popular culture and is a can’t miss for any true crime obsessed introvert.

11. Voyeurism

Introverts True Crime

True crime allows us to be voyeurs. Yes, to truly horrific acts, but this is the point […].

It’s modern-day curtain-twitching, nosing on what your neighbour is up to and having an opinion on other people’s behaviour.

In animals that live in groups, such as humans, being curious has an evolutionary advantage – knowing what others are up to allows you to be prepared for any challenges.

Introverts are watchers by nature – and by watching, we learn.

True crime documentaries are the perfect way to satisfy one’s voyeuristic urges for two reasons…

Firstly, we are watching the most deprived (and therefore, the most unbelievable and fascinating) aspects of society.

And secondly, voyeurism is a complete natural evolutionary survival instinct – we feel wiser to potential attacks after witnessing horrific events and outcomes.

12. Safe Thrill-Seeking

The vast majority of us will (thankfully) not be a party to any of the serious crimes in series such as Making a Murderer […].

The way these programmes are edited takes us along with one of the real-life protagonists, especially in the shows that uncover alleged miscarriages of justice. We feel the highs and lows but in the safety of our own homes.

True crime documentaries provide a thrill we would otherwise never experience, all from the safety of our own couch.

This thrill can be particularly addictive to the introverted community who lacks this rush of adrenaline in day to day life

13. Philosophical Questions

Introverts True Crime

We’re fascinated by testing and exploring these boundaries of human nature […]. It begs the question: What might I be capable of under such circumstances?

By nature, introverts are extremely intelligent and often find themselves pondering the unanswered philological questions of the world – like what drives someone to kill? And under what circumstances would I do the same?

14. Catharsis

[True crime is like] a morality play. We can’t have that in real life. Real-life is more complex and uncertain.

Watching true crime documentaries can be emotionally cathartic – particularly for an introvert who struggles with traditional emotional releases.

We experience fear without the looming threat of danger…

We see justice being brought to those evading it… And in the end, we as an audience feel an emotional relief for both the vindicated victim and the now incarcerated perpetrator.

15. The Fan Base

Introverts True Crime

The true-crime community is the perfect place for introverts!

A large group of intelligent people expressing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas regarding a specific true-crime documentary is the ideal way for introverts to socialize.

So, if you’re an introvert and a true crime fanatic, why not give an online form a try? It may end up being the perfect way to express yourself and your interest.

Bonus Netflix Documentary Suggestion – Don’t F**k With Cats.

In case you somehow missed the 2019 phenomenon that was Don’t F**k With Cats – now is the time to catch up.

Don’t F**k With Cats follows an online community attempting to bring justice to a man who murdered kittens and posted the footage online (before graduating to murdering, filming, and posting the footage of a human victim).

Don’t F**k With Cats is truly stranger than fiction – and, if it has somehow slipped under your radar, now is the time to remedy it.

Now, time to resume that documentary you were watching.