Animal Pornography

Child TV Presenter Charged with Animal Pornography

You may not know Stephen Kish’s face or name – but your children might.

The television channel CBBC is a brand owned by parent company the BBC and produces entertaining and educational content for children aged 6-12.

One of the shows broadcasted by CBBC is the reality competition shown Officially Amazing – a show hosted by Stephen Kish.

However, suffice to say, ‘officially amazing’ is not a phrase Kish will be using in relation to his career trajectory or, dependent on the outcome of his upcoming trial, the status of his freedom.

Earlier this week, Kish made his first court appearance on charges of extreme animal pornography

Yes, you read that right – extreme animal pornography…

Who Is Stephen Kish?

Stephen Kish, born June 6th, 1989, is a 30 year old children’s TV presenter and reality star from Hove, East Sussex, in England.

Kish starred in the CBBC program Officially Amazing, a show that attempted to break numerous entertaining Guinness World Records.

During his time on the show, Kish accumulated over 50 world records – including the fastest time to sort 500g of Peanut M & M’s, the highest score on the world’s biggest PAC-Man machine, the most honks of a party blower in 30 seconds, and more.

On the show he plays a popular character known as Sizzlin’ Steve.

In addition to his work on children’s television, Kish runs a dog-walking company known as “Tails Of Love Pet Care”.

According to various sources (including Forbes and IMDb), the reality star had an accumulative net worth of £1 million – £5 million according to 2019 reports.

The Animal Pornography Charges

Last week, Kish had his first appearance at the Brighton Magistrates Court.

He is charged with one count of extreme animal pornography.

A total of 27 indecent pornographic images depicting bestiality were found in his possession.

According to the charge against Kish, the pictures,

‘Portrayed, in an explicit and realistic way, a person performing an act of intercourse with a live unknown animal, which were grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character and a reasonable person looking at the image would think that any such person or animal was real.’

Though the species of animal has not been disclosed to the public, many speculate that at least a hand full of the pictures (or perhaps more / all) depicted dogs engaged in sexual acts with humans – however, this is only speculation.

It is alleged that Kish came into possession of these images on September 4th of last year.

Kish has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Currently he has been released on bail.

As per the condition of his bail, he is banned from being around, being in charge of, or owning dogs.

His upcoming trail will take place at Lewes Crown Court on Halloween day, October 31st.

If convicted on the grounds of extreme animal pornography, Kish may face a serious financial penalty and perhaps even jail time.

According to The Crown Prosecution Service website,

‘The maximum penalty for possession of extreme pornographic images involving necrophilia or bestiality is two years’ imprisonment and / or a fine.’

The BBC’s Reaction

How has The British Broadcasting Corporation reacted to the latest in a long list of indecent and illegal sexual scandals?

Regarding Kish’s arrest, a BBC spokesman has simply stated,

“We are unable to comment on ongoing criminal proceedings.”

However, although no public comments can be made at this time, the BBC has certainly taken physical action to distance themselves from Kish.

Once the company became aware of the allegations against him, all episodes of Officially Amazing featuring Kish were removed from all BBC platforms – including the BBC / CBBC websites and streaming service.

The show is made by the independent production company Lion TV and broadcast by CBBC. Since Kish’s arrest, no further episodes have been commissioned and it is unknown if the show will be renued for any subsequent series.


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