7 Love and Hate Foods Only British People Understand

What do we British folks love and hate in our cuisine? There’s always rumours that British food can be dry or uninteresting.

The pickle does have some tomato puree, which to some makes the sandwich itself taste a little like pizza when it comes to the first bite.

We will recount 7 love and hate foods that are quintessentially British and that we understand.

Let’s get started!

Very British Fish and Chips!


These can actually be found in every British household. We can’t get more British than having fish and chips for school dinners on a Friday or popping down to the local chippy for a munch on this hit fast food.

There are approximately 10,500 fish and chips shops in the UK, more than McDonald’s and KFC!

So where did this classic food come from. A guy named Joseph Malin in 1860 in East London started this trend. Then it became popular and since then is eaten worldwide.

It can be eaten with tartar sauce and a dash of lemon too. Most people love this crispy battered cod or haddock with thick cut chips. Yum.

Now we’ve heard this from many Brtish tourists, that nobody does fish and chips like England although very close attempts have been made in other countries espcially in parts of Asia.

This could due to Cod and Haddock being less sourced in those countries, they often replace the fish with a fish known as catfish.

Which brings us to this crazy fact, only a few years ago, many fish and chip shops were under investigation for serving customers catfish instead of good quality cod or haddock as expected.

Branston Pickle

Who likes vinegar? This taste is not for all as it’s very tangy and so it’s probably the most hated amongst us Brits.

With diced vegetables and chilli in vinegar this is an odd taste. But still a typical British classic condiment.

Currently, Branston’s pickle is a life aver when it comes to a quick and easy sandwich filling, often accompanied with shredded cheese.

The pickle does have some tomato puree, which to some makes the sandwich itself taste a little like pizza when it comes to the first bite.

If you in general love pickles, you will easily fall in love with this brand, they’re a cheaper and own make options out there which are available in squeezy bottles and of course in the usual jar.

Look out for this and other British favourites in supermarkets. Beans, brown sauce and gravy are all classic British favourites too.

Brussel sprouts, gravy and of course MUSHY peassss


Another British favourite food which is at every Christmas dinner table. British people have a thing for Brussel sprouts but you either love or hate it

As for gravy, it’s just slobbered onto everything you could imagine. We do love it.

You can have gravy with most savoury foods but they’re especially good with pies. It has a strong smell because gravy is made from meat drippings and onion/vegetable.

Gravy has become so popular, even the American branded fast food places such as KFC offer gravy and it is a super idea with fries and southern fried chicken.

Try making your own gravy at home, it’s super easy

Bread and Butter Pudding

An absolute British classic. Who doesn’t like bread cooked with melted butter and a handful of juicy raisins. Mmmm. A very sought after British dessert.

Also a childhood favourite especially for the weekends. Mother’s and Grandmothers were absolute pros at whipping up some bread and butter pudding, even sneaking in jam and cream.

Now the love or hate begins at cinnamon and raisins because not everyone is acquired to fragrance, texture and spice. Yet among most British people, this pudding has always been a win.

The best part is it’s easy to make yourself and you can use leftover or stale bread/bagels/baguette or even croissants. Just butter them up with spread and lay them into a square oven dish.

Mix some cinnamon and sugar together and add to the bread with some raisins. For the mixture whisk together eggs and milk and let the bread absorb this for a good ten minutes.

Cook in a preheated oven (190 degrees) for around 35 minutes and enjoy!

Pies and Pasty’s


We are a nation in love with pies. Everywhere you go there’s a pie on offer. Whether that be beef, onion or mushroom. You can get them in every supermarket frozen or cooked in many diners and cafes.

Pies are so famous they are used as treats and are a famous Christmas food. Mince pies anyone ? They have an equal status in terms of likability amongst British people.

One of the famous pies we have is called a Cornish Pasty. You can find many recipes like this British classic recipe here.

Pies can also be bought frozen from the frozen section. We’ve got some good brand and quality when it comes to pie. So many varieties to choose from.

You can even by readymade pastry and add your own fillings, this idea of pies and pasty’s has been diversified among different cultures.

South Asian mothers have recreated the chicken pasty and created a nicely seasoned chicken tikka pasty which appears to be another delicacy among us fellow Brits.

Classy British Crumpets with Lashings of Butter

These British classics are very tasty so we love these too. We doubt anyone would confide that they hate these.

The best way to have them is with butter. You can have them with tea and egg as breakfast or a snack whenever you feel.

Now a great way to enjoy a good old crumpet is to place it in the toaster for a few seconds until slightly brown and smother it with some homemade jam or top it with a fresh slice of honeycomb.

That is not say,  it doesn’t taste equally as good with some chocolate spread.

Another fun fact coming up, while listening to the Ricky Gervais Show, Karl Pilkington mentioned that thin versions of crumpets are sold as pikelets.

Again homemade ones can taste better so We’ve linked a recipe here.

Heinz Salad Cream


Still loved by many British families all over the UK, the Heinz salad cream is definitely one of the notorious love or hate foods to date.

Did you know, it took Heinz around eigth years before the sauce itself was perfected, and their salad cream was the first official bottled sauce which was in 1914.

Ever since then, this has been in nearly every Britsh household, next to the other famed condiments such as the brown sauce, mint sauce and hey, don’t forget the ketchup.

Salad cream has a distinct taste, many people who are not a fan of the sauce believe it overtakes and destroys the flavours of the other food contents on the food.

But hold on, salad cream tastes great with salad, celery, cucumber and carrot sticks.

Now, if you’ve never had salad cream and you want to give it a try, here is what you are going to do. Nearly every supermarket brand has its version of salad cream which normally decent.

We recommend mid-range, a small bottle of course, and some cucumbers and carrot sticks. Gently place a dollop of salad cream on to a plate and dip a quarter of your carrot stick in the sauce and give it a taste test.

You many instantly fall in love or completely detest it. But it’s okay. It’s just one of them things, you’ll love it or hate it.

Now for some notable mentions, let’s not forget Marmite, Pickled Onions and Vinegar.

These are just some of the many foods British people love or hate, we hope you mentioned some of your favourites.


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