10 Unique and Popular Mukbangs Students Must Watch

The name Mukbang translates to ‘eating broadcast’ in Korean. It is a live audiovisual broadcast where the host eats masses of tasty foods for the audience to view and like.

If you have a real sweet craving and need to watch something to satisfy the sweet tooth then please be my guest. This YouTuber has 1.47 million subscribers already!

It first started in South Korea as a trend which shows people eating food.

The point was to share the eating experience with loved ones. But due to the rise in many poplar Western vloggers like Simon Stawski catching onto the trend, Mukbang videos have now become viral.

Nonetheless, when you first start watching these, it can be hard to know which ones you should watch. These are 10 unique Mukbangs that are best for students. Buckle up foodies, for the best popular Mukbangs to watch!

1. HuniBee ASMR Mukbang

Anyone up for eating purple edible spoons? In this ASMR video, the host is seen eating a variety of coated candy, grapes and macarons and even some funky edible hairbrush!

For me, this is a real treat to watch because of the purple colour theme which is very satisfying and aesthetically pleasing.

If you have a real sweet craving and need to watch something to satisfy the sweet tooth then please be my guest. This YouTuber has 1.47 million subscribers already!

2. Zach Choi ASMR

This guy’s channel boasts 4.45 million subscribers and is one of the most popular ASMR channels out there to binge.

His videos are truly amazing. In the one above there are all the most famous ASMR foods like Aloe Vera, macarons and of course crunchy honeycomb.

A unique combination of sweet and savory Zach Choi does fried chicken and pastas as well on his channel. Whatever you fancy you can take part in by watching.

3. Veronica Wang Mukbang

And here we have the spicy noodles challenge. Veronica eats the spicy noodles – 3 packs in 3 minutes and these are major spicy.

If you get a kick out of watching people compete and eat then this is unique because it will show you just that and satisfy any spicy noodle cravings.

Who knows, you could even do the challenge whilst watching this – you might not feel alone that way.

This is a great way to eat new foods and try a challenge.

4. Nikocado Avacado

This mukbang is full of ASMR and will satisfy that noodle craving. This channel also does a wide variety of popular dishes alongside talking to the audience. If you’re looking for something colourful and unique this channel is best.

5. KEEMI Kim

This channel is also amazing because it has both ASMR and the host talks about the food.

In the above she is eating and preparing some Japanese rice cake and it looks delicious.

This can give you inspiration on new foods to try out if you love different cuisines.

6. Dorothy

After watching this you’d want to try eat a king crab.

Full of chewing sounds that are very satisfying to hear when you are hungry this video is really cool.

I’d recommend this channel as it’s hugely popular from South Korean YouTuber and has English subtitles as well for international audiences.

7. Beast Mode asmr

And here we have something truly beast mode.

I love this channel because it’s very daring and has all sorts of foods. As you can see here, we have a seafood boil drenched in sauce.

Even looking at the thumbnail is enticing. I definitely would like to watch this as a student.

Who knows even other students could end up binging it along with you.

8. Hyunee Eats

Anyone up for some chilli. This video is very appetising because it features everyone’s favourite food.

Who doesn’t like digging into a hot chicken sandwich?

If there’s one reason you need to watch mukbangs it’s the fact that they are so relatable to everyone’s favourite eating habits and popular foods.

9. N.E let’s eat Mukbangs

Cheesy noodles, campfire sauce and succulent onion rings. This one is a true treat to watch. I enjoyed watching this because you can tell that the hose is enjoying the food. It’s even better without any talking as you get to hear the delightful sounds of chewing and chomping.

10. Stephanie Soo

You’ve got to love this one. An ENTIRE chicken eaten on live broadcast by this hugely popular YouTuber. I can’t sell this enough but it’s truly unique. Never did I predict that I’d be watching someone eat a huge chicken. It truly is weird but very satisfying. Try it!

So there’s the round up done guys. Please check out any of these and there are so many more too. Mukbangs are a great way to enjoy food with extra company on those lonely days.