7 Introverted YouTubers Who Keep it Real

In recent years, YouTube has become somewhat of a safe haven for introverts because many YouTubers are themselves introverted.

YouTube has become such a huge space for content creation and accommodates viewers who all have diverse hobbies and interests, including the introvert.

YouTube has become such a huge space for content creation and accommodates viewers who all have diverse hobbies and interests, including the introvert.

The list contains both familiar faces for introverts who already use YouTube a lot, and also some new, niche channels that you might not have encountered before.

Whatever it is you’re interested in, YouTube has probably got a dozen channels which are right up your street.


With over 12 million subscribers (as of September 2019), TheOdd1sOut or James Rallison, is a popular YouTuber, artist and animator. Even from his username, it is easy to see the association with an introverted personality.

Introverts sometimes feel different from others because they get their energy from being by themselves, thus feeling like the odd ones out. Rallison started as a comic artist and uploaded his first piece back in June 2012.

Two years later, he began regularly publishing animated videos in which he details his life story. He collaborates with

TheFineBros and Anthony Padilla from Smosh and makes videos about being an introvert. For example, he has a video from 2017 titled ‘Starting Conversations’ and a blog post from 2013 titled ‘How to befriend an introvert.’

His channel is brilliant for those with an introverted personality because he uniquely communicates his feelings and ideas through comic strips which have brought him huge amounts of followers and prestige.


Simplynailogical aka Cristine Rotenberg is a nail art YouTuber based in Canada, however, her channel drifts from nail art to nail art challenges involving her cats and long-suffering boyfriend Ben, to collaborations with other like-minded YouTubers.

She has 7 million subscribers (as of September 2019) and frequently gets millions of views on the videos she uploads weekly, every Saturday.

Cristine herself is an introvert – she typically films in her own home, by herself with just the cameras and her two cats Menchie and Zyler napping in the background. Her boyfriend Ben supports her tea addiction and occasionally chips in with his opinion of the eccentric nail challenges Crisitine attempts.

Cristine recently admitted that she enjoys going to huge YouTube events such as VidCon but can get anxious and overwhelmed with the masses of people there.

I have watched her videos every week for over a year now and I wholeheartedly recommend her videos to fellow introverts: she gives great nailcare and self-care tips and she has a great, easy-going personality.


Psych2go is a bit different from other YouTube channels on this list as the channel is not simply focused on an individual. Psych2go is a channel which makes lists and connects with those who may be struggling with their mental health.

The channel also is incredibly informative about sexuality, personality disorders, relationships, and general factoids.

The channel presents this information through animation and voiceover and acts as a comforting source of information for those in need.

This channel is perfect for introverts as the videos on the channel are largely about learning about others around us and giving tips for social situations. Highly educative and calming to watch, I recommend this channel to anyone interested in social and abnormal psychology.

Dan Howell

Dan Howell is probably one of the best known Youtubers in the UK. He has been on YouTube for many years, collaborating frequently with Phil Lester, doing Internet challenges and talking openly about his life as a YouTuber.

His collaborations with Phil are incredibly successful and have allowed them to tour the country with different shows, have a radio show on BBC Radio 1, and create and sell successful merchandise, including two books.

In 2018, Dan and Phil even had a show called Interactive Introverts which they toured internationally.

Dan is a self-confessed introvert and revealed recently that he has been seeing a therapist for the past couple of years to deal with anxiety and depression.

His videos are fun and hilarious and his channel recently had a makeover to show how he is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues, social advocacy and political activism.

Primitive Technology

The channel Primitive Technology boasts almost 10 million subscribers with only 48 videos. Why? The videos uploaded onto the channel are all about how to live on your own, outside, perhaps in the woods or some other remote location.

Introverts enjoy these videos because there is no dialogue, it is simply one man demonstrating how to craft so many interesting things from a basic hut to a stone axe.

This channel is about survival and surviving by yourself therefore it is attractive to those who get energy from being by themselves. The channel is incredibly educative and provides insight about how to stay safe in the woods, for example there is a video called ‘Making poisonous Black bean safe to eat.’

Additionally, what is attractive about these videos to introverts is the sounds of the forest. In the background of all of these videos, one can hear the trees, rivers, birds, and other forest animals living peacefully together in the great outdoors.

What may at first seem like a fairly niche interest has as of now collated millions and millions of views since the first upload in 2015.

Phil Lester

AmazingPhil aka Phil Lester uploaded his first video onto YouTube in February 2006 and his channel has since grown to over 4 million subscribers.

He shares a lot of his success with Dan Howell through collaborations, tours, books and viral Internet challenges. His channel is ideal for introverts because like Dan, he is considered to have an introverted personality too.

Like Dan, he recently came out as gay on his YouTube channel and has been receiving lots of positive support. Both Dan and Phil upload a lot less than they used to but they have established themselves as two of the most popular British YouTubers since YouTube began.

Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig is probably one of the best known YouTubers out there. Starting her channel back in 2008, she has gone on to create and star in animated web series, vlog channel DailyGrace, partnered with huge companies to create content, and hosted successful podcast Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig.

Helbig has a loyal fan base because of her fun personality however, in her recent book, ‘Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending To Be A Grown-Up, Helbig reveals that she enjoys hanging out by herself.

She says she’s recently understood how the phrase and concept ‘introvert’ is not a negative thing, it is just someone who doesn’t obtain energy from being social with others. She even sells merchandise such as T-shirts which say ‘Currently Introverting’ on them.

There is a paradox of being a YouTuber and being active on a lot of different social media platforms but also having an introverted personality but this list shows that many successful top YouTubers are introverts and use their platform to speak about what the word means to them and their own experiences.

YouTube will stay being a safe haven for introverts as even the acting of watching YouTube videos is typically an activity done alone and to be enjoyed alone.

The site is a brilliant platform for introverts to connect through uploading content, comments, and collaborations with other YouTubers and can lead to a boost in self-confidence and social skills.