Mirror Universe

Science News: The Mirror Universe Theory

Does a mirror universe exist? A world exactly like our own, but different in every way. Different physical laws.

We have proof that there is much more out there we cannot see – a mirror world speculated to contain mirror planets, stars, atoms, and potentially even mirror life.

A different history. Just different. This question has baffled (and perhaps slightly terrified) us for decades – but, thanks to two experiments being conducted on opposite sides of the globe, we may finally get a conclusive answer.

At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee, Leah Broussard is conducting a series of experiments using a process she dubs “oscillation” in hopes of opening a portal to a parallel universe.

To potentially accomplish this amazing feat, Broussard will send a beam of subatomic particles down a 15-meter long tunnel, past a powerful magnet, and straight into an impenetrable wall which has a neutron detector behind it.

If the experiment is successful, some of the subatomic particles will morph into a mirror image of themselves (“oscillate”) which will allow them to tunnel through the surface of the wall and enable detection – providing the first piece of conclusive evidence that a mirror world exists alongside our own.

Meanwhile, the accompanying experiment is being conducted under professor Klaus Kirch at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland and aims to supply supporting (or contradicting) results.

Kirch’s experiment consists of applying varying magnetic strengths to neutrons in a controlled environment known as a ”bottle trap“ in hopes of discovering signs of neutrons oscillating between our universe and a mirrorverse.

What if the Experiment Provides Positive Results?

In the words of Broussard herself, “if you discover something new like that, the game totally changes” – and with that statement, she couldn’t be more right.

In a general sense, the discovery of a mirrorverse changes the way we see the world. We have proof that there is much more out there we cannot see – a mirror world speculated to contain mirror planets, stars, atoms, and potentially even mirror life.

In the world of physics, this potential breakthrough changes everything about our understanding of the field. Proving the existence of a mirror universe also means that our physical understanding of the world suddenly become s only half correct.

Mystery Solved – Dark Matter

The question of dark matter has been a hotly debated issue by professionals in the field – however, if the discovery of a mirrorverse comes to fruition, these questions may finally have a definitive answer.

According to Michio Kaku;

“Dark matter is massive, it has gravity, but it’s invisible. It has no interactions with light or the electromagnetic force. So, there is a theory that says that perhaps dark matter is nothing but matter, ordinary matter, in another dimension hovering right above us.”

Although the mirrorverse theory provides one of many theories to explain the unseen dark matter, it is one which is promising and, dependent on the results of Broussard and Kirch’s respective experiments, this theory may be proven correct – dark matter is merely mirror matter unable to be observed from our universe.

Mystery Solved – Lithium 7.

Physicists believe that the level of the isotope Lithium 7 is not consistent with the expected result of the Big Bang. It is theorised then that Lithium 7, much like dark matter, oscillated into the mirror realm and back to our observed reality – therefore, much like dark matter, Lithium 7 may be right in front of us in the mirrorverse unable to be seen.

What Are The Odds?

So what is the likelihood of Broussard and Kirch’s experiment providing successful results? Well, although Broussard has stated that she, “fully expect to measure zero”, and Kirch has expressed even greater doubt, stating;

“I don’t really believe the signals are there, and we have designed an experiment that can disprove them, and we’ll see what comes out of it.”

“It is still a possibility that their experiments will prove successful and, if this is the case, it may become the most revolutionary breakthrough in the field of physics in recent memory.”